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Spring Lights Gas: A proven track-record of reliability

SLG is the second largest piped-gas trader in South Africa and the number one supplier of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to industrial customers in KwaZulu-Natal. SLG’s customers include some of the well-known blue chip companies operating in the industrials and independent power producers sectors of the South African economy.

SLG supplies Methane Rich Gas (MRG) in the KwaZulu-Natal province and Natural Gas in the Gauteng province. We provide a primary energy source to the majority of manufacturing sector firms in KwaZulu-Natal that employs thousands of people and produce 16% of the provincial gross domestic product. SLG suppliers the only operational gas to power independent power producer in South Africa.

Gas constitutes only 3% of South Africa’s primary energy mix, and the national government aspires to grow this to 7%. South Africa’s energy mix gas composition compares unfavourable with the international norm that has gas usage at 20 to 30 % of the consumption pool. SLG has spearheaded the transition from high carbon fuels to lower carbon gas. Natural Gas has 50% of the carbon footprint of coal when used for power generation. About 49% of SLG customers were coal users, 6% were fuel oil users, and the remainder used more expensive Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). SLG gas is used to generate power, produce steam or as a chemical feedstock.

SLG’s piped gas supply network has a proven track-record of reliability spanning several years. SLG provides CNG to one of the JSE-listed manufacturers in South Africa attesting to the robustness and reliability of the CNG supply chain. In addition to the benefits of a reliable supply system, SLG customers choose gas because it is safe, results in lower operating costs for energy systems, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

SLG’s customer value proposition goes beyond the supply of gas molecules to include the connection to the gas pipeline grid, conversion from any energy source to gas, health and safety training, and energy optimisation. Further, in the CNG sector, the company compresses the gas and delivers it onsite to distances of up to 150 kilometres from the gas source. Given the limited pipeline infrastructure in South Africa, SLG’s CNG offer expands access to gas for industrial customers that would have consumed dirtier forms of primary energy. Recently, SLG has expanded its customer offer to include investing in gas to power plants in partnership with its industrial customers, thereby contributing to alleviating the country’s electricity supply crisis. SLG’s customer value proportion attests to the fact that it aspires to be the clean energy company of choice for commercial and industrial customers.

Our customers appreciate the fact that we are a wholly owned Black entity because the new BBBEE codes of good practice require that companies procure their supplies from companies with our BBBEE credentials. SLG consistently spends 1% of its net profit after tax on corporate social investment programmes in KwaZulu-Natal. SLG’s CSI activities focus on supporting mathematics and science schools with resources such as laboratories, equipment and the popularisation of mathematics and science in the historically underprivileged communities. SLG investments in a computer laboratory for Zwelibanzi High School, sciences laboratories at KwaNdinakubo Secondary School and Umkhumbi High School, and CASME Science Enhancement highlight past CSI projects. SLG CSI prioritises projects that are sustainable and positively change the lives of communities.

SLG aspires to conduct business in line with its corporate values. SLG’s corporate values are: People First, Customer Championing, Integrity, Agility, and Growing Shareholder Value.

SLG was the winner of the 2015
BBQ Magazine Employer of the
Year award. SLG is now trading in

Source: KZN Business Chambers Council


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