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Slipper Day

SLG Team rock their Slippers in Support of Slipper Day 7 May 2021 fundraising campaign.
Slipper Day is Reach for A Dream’s most celebrated fundraiser.

Not all Heroes Wear Capes is the running theme of the campaign and is a fitting reminder that all the brave children fighting life-threatened illnesses, doctors, nurses and their families are the true heroes of this time.

This Slipper Day promises to echo the hearts of all our heroes, and why it is so important for South Africans to come together and believe in the power of dreams and more so, what this means for a child sick in hospital.

“In a normal year, Reach For A Dream would fulfil six dreams a day but since the pandemic this has changed drastically, and has forced The Foundation to adapt, innovate and respond swiftly to ensure dreams still matter,” says Julia Sotirianakos, Reach For A Dream, CEO. “To do the work that we do at Reach For A Dream is so special and it is a daily reminder that more hope and heroes are needed in the world.”

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