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School for the Deaf

Fully geared up to create solutions for our future, thanks to SLG’s math’s and science capacity building campaign.

Kwathintwa School for the hearing impaired is a special needs school that focusses on learners that suffer from hearing loss.

The learners use South African sign language to communicate and were super excited to receive the packages filled with furniture, chemicals and science kits . The equipment will ensure that learners can excel in STEM activities and will encourage them to pursue careers in Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Crucial teacher learning has also been sponsored by SLG to ensure that the equipment is utilised optimally.

Our school’s motto is ‘SITHINTWE NGUMOYA WEZWE’ which means; ‘Touched by the spirit we hear’, and everyone at Kwathintwa is touched by the spirit of your kindness towards our learners.

-Dr. L Naidoo- Principal.

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