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Numeric – Become a Teacher. Change the World

Sharing our CSI Beneficiary Story – Numeric – Become a Teacher. Change the World

Numeric is a small team of dedicated staff who themselves are training to become maths teachers. Their mission is to help young South Africans excel in maths.

Only 2% of children who start school together finished matric in 2019 with a solid understanding of mathematics and the skills required to access tertiary studies in maths and science. Numeric’ s approach solves the problem by focusing on grade 7 learners through running after-school maths classes and pre-service teachers through a year-long teaching internship. Currently, they operate 45 afterschool programs in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, with 98 active coaches and over 2400 participating learners. Programmes are targeted at learners in Grades 6, and 7 and cover an intense one-year program of arithmetic and pre-algebra. Because most South African children have developed gaps in their foundational mathematics, Numeric programs are not curriculum-aligned, but focus rather on building mathematics intensively and rapidly from the ground up.

SLG, has in last 2 years sponsored the 1st pilot programme in KwaZulu Natal, sponsoring Mcopheleli Primary and last year we proudly added Khulugqame Primary School to our beneficiary list. Due to Covid-19, the teaching programme challenging, but by the end of term three, 78% of the learners at Mcopheleli Primary and Khulugqame Primary Schools were reached and Numeric managed to cover 100% of the curriculum to date, through the distance learning project. The topics in the curriculum provided the necessary foundation for learners to feel confident to handle the challenging topics they learn in school and most importantly preparing them for success at high school.


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