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How do I get connected to a gas pipeline?

Generally speaking, you’ll need to appoint a registered gas contractor to install an internal pipeline from a metering station on your property to our distribution pipes. You may also need to convert some of your equipment. We’ll recommend equipment suppliers and guide you every step of the way.

Can I use anyone to install my gas pipelines and equipment?

A registered gas contractor should install your gas equipment and convert any existing equipment as needed. When selecting a contractor, make sure that they are licensed and experienced at installing gas equipment.

How do I know gas is safe to use?

Its distinctive rotten egg-like smell (due to an odorant that is added to it called mercaptan) makes leaks easy to detect. Most gas equipment now also has built in safety features. For example, it is first necessary to purge the equipment to remove any combustibles prior to start up. There is also a flame failure device to allow your appliance to automatically stop the flow of gas if the flame extinguishes and even automatic re-ignition to allow the appliance to relight itself if the flame is extinguished. Gas leaks can also be detected using the soap test method.

Where does my point of responsibility begin?

We are responsible for maintenance and repairs to the gas service line that extends from the streets and the meter station into your property. As a customer, you would be responsible for maintaining the gas piping that extends past the meter into your factory.

How do I maintain my gas equipment?

Regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance ensures your safety and helps keep your gas appliances operating at their best.

What systems and procedures are in place to maintain the pipeline to avoid interruptions?

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