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Value Added Services

Aside from our promise to supply a premium quality gas product to our customers in accordance with our company’s values and HSEQ policy, we also provide a unique after-sales service to assist you in using it efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. This value-added service, which our competitors find difficult to match, is our driving force and the basis for our success. It includes personalized technical and safety assessments, training, and technical guidance to ensure safe gas handling and consumption, as well as energy optimization (monitoring gas equipment to identify inefficient use of gas and recommending the appropriate improvements)

Gas Conversions

We take ownership of the full gas changeover process for new customers, including technical feasibility studies, regulatory licensing, installations, commissioning, and training, to ensure a seamless experience.

Keeping our customers informed

Annual customer information seminars are held to share the most recent industry expertise from prominent international vendors. The event also serves as a forum for consumers to share case study lessons acquired.

Premium Quality

Our gas is economically priced, always on tap and environmentally friendly. By choosing gas as a source of energy, you are contributing to improving South Africa’s air quality. You are also helping to reduce greenhouse gases and saving on fuel storage costs.