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We supply premium quality Methane Rich Gas (MRG), Natural Gas and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) that is economically priced, always on tap and environmentally friendly.

The SLCNG, business which handles the production and distribution of compressed natural gas, is based in Umbogintwini, KZN and is the largest CNG facility in Southern Africa, Gas can now basically travel further than just the pipeline network. For the first time, new technologies have allowed those who had previously been unable to utilise natural gas, to gain access to it.

Heavy duty logistics now have a cleaner, more cost-effective fuel source e.g., natural gas vehicles. SLG is able to optimise energy input, create international linkages with reputable OEMs and be part of a competitive market, with competitive prices.

SLCNG is B-BBBEE level 2.

Methane Rich Gas (MRG)

Methane Rich Gas (MRG) is a synethetic gas used in industry to make materials and chemicals. It is also used as a fuel.

Natural Gas

Natural gas (also called fossil gas) is extracted from the ground. A non-renewable hydrocarbon, it is comprised of methane and other alkanes. It is used in industrial processes for electricity generation and as a vehicle fuel.

Compressed Natual Gas

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is natural gas (i.e. methane gas) delivered by pipeline, stored at a high pressure and delivered to customers within a 150km radius of xxx. It is used as a fuel in place of petrol, diesel and LPG.