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Value Added services

Our service starts with an analysis to understand your business needs so that we can tailor our service offerings to the unique character of your operations and organisational culture. We then guide you very step of the way to getting connected to the pipeline and/or using CNG, making sure your energy efficiency is optimised into the future

A very important part of our service includes training your staff – technical and senior – to improve their operational/technical understanding. We will educate you on how gas is supplied, internal pipelines, thermo-processing safety pertaining to piped gas properties and combustion (e.g. .combustion properties and equipment) and pipeline specifications
As we are at the forefront of new safety and legal developments in the gas industry, we ensure that our customers are always updated and compliant with the latest developments.


Topics Covered

Module 1

Gas properties and characteristics; Emergency planning  

Module 2

Metering and customer metering station

Module 3

Combustion and Thermo-processing equipment

Module 4

Standards and Regulation

Our qualified South African Gas Association (SAGA) registered technical advisors will regularly assess your gas equipment for safety, highlight any shortcomings and recommend remedial action(s). This is to ensure that installations comply with relevant regulations, codes and standards
Our technical advisors analyse our customers’ gas equipment to identify inefficient usage and recommend improvements. These investigations are conducted with high tech flue gas analysers which enable us to accurately measure and record the operational parameters of the equipment we supply.
We’re always on hand to solve problems related to gas usage, process control, and efficiencies. Our customers enjoy the best after sales support. We troubleshoot any gas related problems including inefficiencies, process control, incomplete combustion and product quality