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Value Proposition

A leading supplier of piped natural gas in Southern Africa.

SLG and SLCNG are leading suppliers of natural gas in South Africa trusted for their reliable supply of piped and compressed natural gas (CNG) by Blue Chip companies such as Hulamin, Toyota, Sapref, NCP Alcohols, KAP Group companies, amongst others.

Our presence in the industrial hubs of Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal ensures that our customers can consolidate all their natural gas procurement to take advantage of our 100% BBBEE ownership and level 4 scorecard  meaning that  for B-BBEE procurement , our SLG customers can claim 100% of their purchases .  Our SLCNG group has achieved a level 1 scorecard, meaning that for B-BBEE procurement, our SLCNG customers can claim 135% of their purchases.

SLG has helped many industrial companies to convert their primary energy consumption from dirtier forms of fuel such as Diesel, HFO, and Coal to the more environmentally friendly natural gas. For example, over 80% of our current customers previously consumed these dirtier fuels. We are proud of our positive contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our 16-years stellar record of accomplishment as an independent company means that SLG and SLCNG have the technical and engineering wherewithal that is required to safely transition to natural gas. SLG seamlessly coordinates the gas conversion process thereby ensuring the customers’ peace of mind. Converting customers to natural gas is a complex process involving technical feasibility studies, regulatory licences applications, pipelines construction, and gas equipment installations and commissioning. The conversion process must strictly adhere to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Standards. Our companies are ISO9001 certified to deliver quality services to our customers and the South African Gas Association certifies our installation technicians.

Our collaboration with international CNG original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) ensures that our SLCNG plants and delivery vessels meet international standards of quality and reliability. We entered into operation service agreements to ensure a reliable CNG supply chain. It is for this reason that we are trusted to supply Just-In-Time compressed natural gas to a JSE listed manufacturer.

The trusted CNG supplier to major manufacturers.

SLG goes beyond selling natural gas to its customers by offering relevant value-added services. We are committed to assisting our customers to optimize their energy consumption by providing energy surveillance to identify opportunities for energy optimisation. Our certified technicians scientifically analyse the customers’ gas equipment to identify inefficient use of gas and recommend changes. We use high-tech flue gas analysers to accurately measure and record the appropriate operational parameters of any gas equipment. As a result, our customers have seen average boiler efficiency improvements in the order of 8.97%.

We view customer-centricity as a key competitive differentiator. Our people intimately work with our customers to co-create value for customers. Our customer behaviour is rooted in our corporate values and code of conduct. We take seriously our citizenship role in our community. As a successful BBBEE energy company, we consistently invest 1% of our annual after tax profit on sustainable corporate social investment projects. We invite your company to be our partner and go beyond BBBEE to value creation.



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