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Compressed Natural Gas

Product information

CNG is globally considered to be the best energy alternative to petrol and diesel for mobility and transport-based businesses. Eighty-five countries on five continents use it for their natural gas vehicles (NGVs). It is used in more than 20 million vehicles. Here’s why:

Technical specifications

PropertyUnitsLimits - MinLimits - MaxNotes
Energy content (HV)MJ/m3n38.143.51
Wobbe Index50.955.12
Relative density0.550.703
Total SulphurMg/m3n-15.0
Composition of gas
Carbon dioxidevol%-2.0
Total inertsvol%-5.0
Hydrogen SulphideMg/m3n-4.0
Odourising Agent (Spot leak 1005)Mg/m3n11.020.0